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We're Getting People  More First Dates.

Summer is the dating app for people who actually want to date, not spend all day on the apps. Instead of saying yes or no on every profile, we show you hundreds of profiles all at once and you can pick who catches your eye.

Imagine if, when you went to the bar, you had to say no to every person you weren’t interested in; wouldn’t that be awkward? We think so too. That's why we made Summer.


Summer Social Club

We're throwing irl events to build our community.

The waitlist is officially open for the Summer Social Club! We’ve created an exclusive group for the un-cuffed to meet, chat, and hang out IRL.


The point of Summer is to recreate the feeling of meeting someone in-person, so why not actually help you meet cool people in-person too?


Whether you’re looking for more single friends or something more, click to apply now so you can grab the next open spot. Until then, keep meeting new people on Summer!

Currently operating in Los Angeles! (Other cities coming soon!)


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